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On-Page SEO Checklist for Law Firms

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12 Tips Lawyers Can Use Today To Improve Their SEO

SEO On-Page ChecklistLaw firm SEO is really no different than SEO for any other business or organization--with one small exception:

A law firm using SEO understands specifically

WTF - Why Would You Ever Let Someone Own This?

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Attorney Trapped by His Web DesignerHave you ever felt like you were trapped?

I don’t mean physically trapped. I mean, have you ever felt trapped such that you couldn’t make a change because the consequences of change would be too great? The kind of...

SEO for Lawyers: How Do Clients Find Attorneys

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SEO for lawyersYou know you need more clients.

You’ve got bills to pay, you’ve got a family to feed or maybe you’re fed up with status quo and want to grow your solo-practice. Whatever the case...you need more clients.

But how can you get more...


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