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3 Real World Content Marketing Examples That Work

by | Sep 14, 2023 | Attorney Marketing, Internet Marketing, Web Design

By now you’ve probably heard of content marketing. You’ve also probably heard that you should be creating and sharing content all over the web.

From writing blog articles, to posting on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google +, the “BIG” idea is getting found by people searching online.

This is content marketing, right? Yes, but not entirely.

While you should be creating great content and posting it on your website and social media…

You’ll get more mileage out of content when used strategically.

Content can be used to strengthen your sales process, nurture relationships and attract prospective clients.

3 Simple Marketing Strategies and Examples That Work

1. Use content as a resource to support your client intake process

Pretend Sara contacts you and says, “I’m considering a divorce.” Assuming you get Sara’s email address during the initial conversation, you might follow-up
with an email and include a link to an article on your website titled: “3 Things You Want in Your Custody Agreement

The email might read:

Hey Sara,

I thought you might find this information helpful. Link to Article

Feel free to share.



This shows you’re thinking about Sara and building trust by being helpful. And Sara’s likely to stick around on your website and discover more helpful
information too.

2. Share strategically with your connections

Writing great content takes time. So don’t limit your content to your website.

Suppose you published an article to your website outlining recent changes to DUI laws in your state. Why sit back and wait for visitors to come to you?

Send an email including a link to the article to your friends and warm connections asking
them to share.

The email might read:

Hey Jack,

This is one of my most popular articles written to date concerning changes to DUI laws in [Your State]. Link to article

Feel free to share.


They just might appreciate you taking the time to think about them. In return they might share with their connections. Who knows… maybe you’ll get a

3. Consider holidays and events

If you focus on DUI defense, you might spread the word about DUI checkpoints in your area. Share your insights on Facebook, Twitter, and G+ weeks or days
leading up to the occasion.

You never know who might get a DUI during this time and think of you because you thought of them.

One more thing: Content marketing is a lot more fun when you’re doing it to help others. Otherwise, it can be kinda boring.

OK, that’s it. Three simple strategies and examples you can use right away.

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