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SEO for Lawyers: How Do Clients Find Attorneys

by | Sep 14, 2023 | Attorney Marketing, Internet Marketing, Web Design

You know you need more clients.

You’ve got bills to pay, you’ve got a family to feed or maybe you’re fed up with status quo and want to grow your solo-practice. Whatever the case…you need more clients.

But how can you get more clients when you’re competing with hundreds of attorneys?

Try SEO for lawyers.

SEO for lawyers can get you found by potential clients — that don’t know you exist — who search online for local attorneys and answers to their legal problems.

What is SEO for lawyers?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” SEO combines strategy, techniques and tactics in such a way that increases the amount of visitors to your website.

Here’s how it works.

Your potential clients usually perform two types of online searches.

  1. They search online for answers related to their legal problems because they want to be educated. ie: How much jail time can I get for a drug charge in [Your City, Your State]
  2. They’re ready to hire a lawyer, and they search online for a specific type of lawyer in their town using a search term. ie: Criminal Defense Attorney [Your City, Your State].

In this case, “Criminal Defense Attorney Chicago, IL” would be an example of a search term.

But what’s the difference in these two potential clients?

One is ready to hire a lawyer. The other needs to learn more about their situation before hiring.

In short, they’re in two different stages of the buying process.

You want to be found by potential clients in both of these stages.

What’s involved?

Without using too much tech talk, SEO for lawyers involves the following:

  • Creating educational content that’s “optimized” on search terms used by your potential clients.
  • Optimizing every page throughout your website on search terms used by your potential clients.
  • Creating an appropriate site/page structure that search engines favor.
  • Making sure your website doesn’t include broken internal links
  • Creating internal links to pages throughout your website
  • Making sure your website is free of errors
  • Ensuring your website loads fast
  • Building backlinks. Those are links located on external websites that link to your website.

Is it ethical?

You bet. SEO for lawyers is one of the most ethical, dignified ways to attract new clients.


Because you’re not hawking potential clients. They find your educational content, and it sells you by allowing them to get to know, like and trust you.

Let me explain…

Imagine that I’m charged with DUI 3rd, and I search online for “How much jail time can I get for a DUI 3rd if I’m convicted in SC” and find your article.

Now pretend I find your article really helpful, easy to understand and that you’re a “real” person.

Who do you think has my attention? It’s not your competitor.

How effective is it?

SEO for lawyers can be very effective for getting new clients. Take a look at the website traffic report below.

SEO for Lawyers Website Traffic

In April 2013 this attorney’s website received just 167 visitors. In July 2014, it received 4,464 visitors. Visitors that turn into clients.

Mistakes to avoid.

Expecting immediate results

If you need immediate results, SEO for lawyers may not be for you. It can take 2-3 months for SEO for lawyers to take affect. If you need immediate results consider running PayPerClick (PPC) ads instead.

Starting and stopping

If you want results, you’ve got to be consistent.

Skipping strategy

Strategy is by far the most important step when doing SEO for lawyers. Strategy includes defining an SEO friendly page structure, researching keywords you’ll target, auditing your website for errors, broken links and much much more.

Black hat tactics

Beware of someone who guarantees results. Chances are, they are using what us Internet marketers call “black hat tactics” that Google and other search engines find offensive. In fact, Google says itself, “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking.

Not to mention, black hat tactics can get your website permanently banned from search engines.

Some black hat tactics include: keyword stuffing, using hidden text throughout your site or buying links on unreputable websites.

If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Duplicate content

Duplicate content is also frowned upon by search engines. Instead, create unique original content that you can call your own. By doing so, other people will be more willing to link to your content, and that will enhance your position on search engines.

Last but not least, is SEO for Lawyers right for you?

I’ll be honest. You won’t find overnight success with SEO for lawyers. If you could, everyone would be doing it. But with the right strategy, tactics and execution the rewards far outweigh the efforts.

Do you have an SEO plan in place? Would you like help creating one? How would 5 to 10 new clients per month change your life? How would it affect your business?

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