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What the H— Are People Doing On Your Website?

by | Sep 14, 2023 | Attorney Marketing, Internet Marketing, Web Design

People Visit Your Website But Then What? Can You Find Out?

I had a conversation with an attorney the other day who told me he wasn’t getting any business from his website.

Oh really?

So the first thing I did was check his position on Google for a few keywords that I felt like people would use to find him. And sure enough. I found his website in the top 5 positions on page 1 of Google.

OK. Now I’m suspicious.

Since his website probably gets a lot of visitors what else could be happening? Maybe it’s a conversion problem?

This begs the question: How are people behaving once they arrive on his website?

Honestly, it’s a hard question to answer because we’re not looking over the visitor’s shoulder — watching their every move.

But there is a way to discover how people behave when they arrive on your website. It’s called visitor website recording, and one company that provides this service (inexpensively) is LuckyOrange.com

4 Ways Website Recordings Can Help You Improve Your Website

Discover Content Issues

With website recordings, you’re able to discover the content people click on that they believe links to another page or form on your website…but doesn’t. These results may surprise you.

Uncover Display Issues

No matter how much your site has been tested for compatibility issues using software that simulates mobile/tablet devices, nothing replaces the real thing.

Improve Conversions

Watch their mouse move across the screen. Chances are, their eyes are following the mouse. This can show you how people are interacting with and scanning your site and how you might better position headlines, buttons or forms to improve conversion rates.

Resolve Glitches and Errors

On one site I discovered that a contact form wasn’t submitting the information — even though it appeared to work for the visitor. Wonder how much that nasty little bug was costing the attorney in leads and sales?

Knowing what people do on your website is empowering. It challenges your assumptions about how people use your website and, more importantly, let’s you know why people aren’t getting in touch with you.

If you could learn one thing to improve your website and get one more new client every month, would that be a good thing?

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