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Why Your Current B2B Website Design Sucks

by | Sep 13, 2023 | Attorney Marketing, Internet Marketing, Web Design

B2B website design has its challenges. In fact, all website design projects have their own unique challenges. However, when it comes to B2B website design, extra precaution must be taken if your goal is to drive traffic, generate leads, and increase sales. A poorly designed website can backfire.

With proper planning, attention to detail, a little patience and commitment, you can get a properly designed website that will serve your business well into the future. Let’s get started with what makes for an outstanding website design.

Your Logo

If you’re familiar with Will Ferrell's infamous Saturday Night Live “More Cowbell” skit, then you understand what I mean when I say “More Logo”. One of the biggest mistakes made in B2B website design is when the size of the logo is increased to the point that you have to scroll down to read the content. It’s as if the logo itself is for sale. Please don’t do this.

No one cares about your logo beyond the ability to identify that they’re on the right website. After visitors have determined that they’re on the right website, they’re only interested in their problems, how you can solve their problems, and how to get in touch with you.

Distracting Animations

Although we don’t see distracting animations as much as we did in the past, occasionally we stumble upon a B2B website design that contains some silly animation running across the screen as if it’s being chased by Wile E Coyote. Before you add animations to your website, ask yourself, “is this going to help or hurt my cause?”. In most cases it hurts and BIG TIME!

Distracting Backgrounds

Have you ever seen a B2B website design and couldn’t focus on the content because the background made you dizzy? I sure have. Once again, stay away from busy, gaudy backgrounds. They are distracting and prevent website visitors from focusing on content — and content is critical when you’re selling a product or service on your website.

Poor Navigation

KISS – this stands for “Keep It Simple Stupid”. If there’s one tip you should take away from this B2B website design article, it’s to keep the navigation of your website simple for visitors. Don’t try to be fancy by adding complicated navigation to your website just because it looks cool. Or worse, don’t add complicated navigation to your B2B website design that looks ugly. Seriously though, work hard to ensure your navigation is intuitive, clean and simple. You need to consider that more and more people are viewing websites on mobile devices and tablet pcs. If the navigation is complicated, you just lost a prospective customer because it’s likely they cannot view your content.

Clear Message

The Internet is overrun with B2B website designs that contain unclear messages. It’s obvious that the target audience was never considered during the web design planning phase. Before you even begin to discuss color schemes and other design elements, you need to plan and create your content around your target audience. After all, that’s why you’re building a website, right? Oh, and don’t put your “About Us” information on the home page. No one cares about you, at least at first. They only care about their problems and how you can solve them, so keep that in mind when you’re planning your next B2B website design project.

Obnoxious Colors

Ever visited a website so bright that it lit the entire room? Or, one so dark with white text that it was impossible to read? We probably all have at some point in time. Choosing the wrong colors can ruin your website and send prospects packing; therefore, you should rely heavily on a professional web designer to help you select colors which enhance user experience. Skilled website designers understand contrast, saturation and types of colors, so seek their advice and don’t let your ego get in the way just because you’re emotionally tied to a specific color.

Disorganized Content

Nothing pains us more than to see disorganized content on a website. Disorganized content is an indication that absolutely no consideration was given to the target audience, user experience and content strategy while in the planning phase of your B2B website design. We want to stress that it’s critical for you to invest time in developing your content in the interest of your target audience. If you need content then write it. If you need help writing your content then get it, but whatever you do, don’t skimp on content.


Of all the distractions listed above, music may very well be the biggest offender. Imagine that you’re in the office one day browsing the web, you run across a website, and then all of a sudden this over-the-top music starts blaring out of your pc. It’s even more embarrassing when you’re on the phone with a client. They might consider this interruption unprofessional; therefore, decide not to do business with you, period. So, be sure to keep music out of your B2B website design plan.

If your website is suffering from any of the points listed above, at least now you’re aware; therefore, you understand what we mean when we say your B2B website design sucks!

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