Attorney Website Design

While you represent your clients, your website represents you. Attract, engage, and entice visitors in new ways. Let our talented team put you ahead of the competition.

According to the ABA, nearly 50% of potential clients will consult the web before deciding who to hire as an attorney. This is why it’s crucial for an attorney to have a professional web presence. It should be complete with meaningful, educational information. If you’re looking for professional website design for attorneys, you’ve found it. Many web design companies that specialize in attorney web design provide cookie cutter websites that look a lot like your competition.

We Do Things Differently

We first start with your goals and from there create a plan that defines everything from the image you want to project to your potential clients, all the way down to the number of pages to include on your website. And with our proven website design process, you’ll rest easy knowing that your project will stay on track and website launched on time.

You’re Busy

We know attorneys are extremely busy, and as such you probably don’t have the time nor the desire to write the content for your law firm’s new website. We understand. That’s why we provide the option of having a professional copywriter write the verbiage for you – with input from you, of course.

Build Credibility Online

As an attorney, credibility is of the utmost importance to you. Every attorney website design we build adheres to Stanford University’s Guidelines for creating trust online . This ensures clients feel confident that you’re reputable regardless of the size (or age) of your law firm.

Example of a website we’ve designed for attorneys like you:

Online Marketing for Attorneys

Let’s face it. Your law firm depends on a steady stream of new clients, and your profession is extremely competitive. With our law firm marketing expertise, we’ll put your website in front of new potential clients. Again, we don’t offer canned marketing packages; rather, we create an internet marketing plan based on your goals and budget.

What We Can Do For You

Create a unique website design that represents your firm

Design your site so that it displays on any mobile device

Get you ranked high on search engines

Build your social media presence

Establish your local business listings

And more...

What You Can Expect

Schedule a free consultation with us, and from there we can usually get enough information to provide you with an estimate. Depending on the number of pages and options chosen, your estimate may vary


Our Promise To You

Just as you’re selective about your clientele, so are we. Our goal is to make sure that our team is not only a match for you, but also that you are a match for us. That’s why we are able to do what we say or return your money. That’s a scary promise, and we want it to be. Our philosophy is that if we’re not scared of our promise, it’s not good enough. Plain and simple!


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