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Is your website costing you money?

by | Sep 13, 2023 | Attorney Marketing, Internet Marketing, Web Design

Your Website Might Be Costing You Hundreds if Not Thousands of Dollars in Lost Sales?

As a continuation of my series on how to market your small business on the internet, this article discusses what, based on my experience, is the third most feasible way to increase sales via the internet.

When a prospect visits your website you have a golden opportunity to make a good impression. Once a prospect leaves your site, they may be gone forever, without you even knowing they had some momentary interest in your products or services.

To resolve this issue every small business website should include a system and strategy for capturing some amount of contact information from your prospects. This involves creating a compelling offer and placing a sign-up form on a landing page. Now the trick to persuading prospects to give you their contact information hinges on how interesting they find your offer. To create a compelling offer you should think about your prospects’ problems and how to solve them, and then provide tidbits of this information as a FREE download in exchange for their contact info.

Three Keys to Building an Email List:

  • Create a great offer to use as an incentive to sign-up on your list
  • Have a Landing Page that Converts
  • Drive traffic to your Landing Page

When done properly this strategy allows you to inexpensively maintain “Top-Of-Mind presence with your prospects while building their trust which will overtime result in more sales..

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