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Internet Marketing 101: Generating Leads from Your Website

by | Sep 13, 2023 | Attorney Marketing, Internet Marketing, Web Design

Learn How To Generate Leads from Your Website

With more than ninety percent (90%) of all consumers shopping online, understanding the basics of internet marketing 101 has become critical to the online success of business today. Getting online sales no longer means solely launching a website. It involves an online marketing strategy, long term commitment, and sustained effort. This series of internet marketing 101 articles is intended to teach you how to adopt a systematic approach to lead generation, and turn your website into a lead generation tool.

There are several tactics used to generate leads on the internet, and webmasters often make use of a variety of tools in order to track, measure, and improve their results. Here are the main steps of online marketing to increase traffic, generate leads, and nurture leads into sales. Now, isn’t this what every business wants from their website?

1. Driving Traffic

Driving a constant flow of organic traffic towards your website is critical, because without traffic, you don’t have the opportunity to convert visitors into leads. Some of the tactics used to drive traffic include: Blogging, Social Media, Pay Per Click Campaigns, inbound links and Search Engine Optimization. However, at the center of them all is compelling content. In addition, spend some time performing keyword research, so you can determine what keywords your potential customers use when searching for your products/services online. Integrate your keywords into your content and you’ll increase the probability of being found online.

2. Converting Visitors into Leads and Leads into Sales

However, having a lot of visitors go to your website is not enough. If your aim is to turn them into customers, you must present them with content relevant to their needs, and encourage them to provide you with their contact information in exchange for something of value. For instance, if you sell swimming pools, then you might offer a free whitepaper titled “10 mistakes to avoid when building your inground swimming pool”.

The keys to increasing your landing pages’ conversion rates are compelling content, a valuable offer, and a call-to-action. Giveaways are great lead conversion boosting techniques too. You don’t have to promise huge incentives. Your bonus can be an e-book, free entrance to a webinar, or a free trial for using your service (this works wonderfully for software). Whatever you do, don’t deceive your potential customers with empty promises, and let them know you will be there tomorrow.

3. Analyze Traffic and Improve Results

Whichever method you choose to apply in order to generate leads, don’t forget to constantly measure your results against your goals. Whenever you use a new approach, wait for a short while (a few weeks are enough) to check its results. Only this way you will know what does and does not work. Keep accurate records of your traffic stats and focus your marketing efforts on the successful internet marketing tactics.

Always remember that although there is no magic recipe for online success, there are proven strategies that produce excellent results when properly implemented. Along the years, webmasters and internet marketers have tested different methods drawing their own conclusions. On thing is sure: internet marketing tactics must be executed in tandem for generating leads and maximum effectiveness.

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