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How To Get Clients As a Lawyer Without Hawking Your Services

by | Sep 14, 2023 | Attorney Marketing, Internet Marketing, Web Design

If you’re looking to get clients as a lawyer , I’ve got a question for you: Have you ever heard the old saying, “If you’re not measuring, you’re not marketing”? That old saying underscores a huge problem with conventional wisdom which says referrals and word of mouth are the best ways to get clients as a lawyer.

The problem? Those methods aren’t measurable. They’re not even “methods”, really. At best, they’re sporadic and unpredictable occurrences of temporary financial reward. We can all agree that referrals are nice when they plop in our laps, but it’s impossible to predict future growth based on marketing which yields sporadic results.

Your Solution (The Reliable Way to Get Clients)

A well designed website — one that’s highly optimized for search engines — is the most effective and consistent marketing tool to get clients as a lawyer. A website designed and optimized to help you get clients as a lawyer works 24 hours per day, seven days a week. It’s waiting to appear before your prospects who are performing online searches using terms related to the practice areas your law firm specializes in. In addition, it’s a reasonably predictable tool for measuring future growth.

To clarify, your web presence should nourish and leverage the trust of your referral network — NOT replace it. And here’s something you might not have considered: Where’s the first place a person will go when they’re referred to you? Yep, your website so they can “confirm” the referral. To check you out and corroborate all the good things their friend said about you. A professional attorney website will successfully justify the glowing praise of your referral source.

Just Starting Out?

If you’re just starting your law firm, you might not have the necessary capital budgeted for professional attorney website design. In this case, consider starting with an attorney website template. Using an attorney website design template will allow you to allocate more of your legal marketing dollars towards search engine optimization.

After your website starts consistently generating new business for your law firm, you can then focus on redesigning your website with a professional attorney web design package that’s unique to your law firm. The best law firm website design focuses on driving qualified traffic to your website so you can get new clients as a lawyer.

Case In Point (A Success Story)

Consider what we accomplished with our attorney client, Russell D. Hilton, when he opened his Moncks Corner, SC law firm in June, 2013. Mr. Hilton was an experienced and accomplished attorney yet had never had the need to build a client base because of his career as a prosecutor. His burning question was: How do I get clients as a lawyer? We suggested he needed a strong web presence, but to save money we should use one of our attorney website design templates.

The use of a template allowed Mr. Hilton to allocate the majority of his online marketing budget towards search engine optimization (SEO) and content generation. Within four months Mr. Hilton was receiving a consistent stream of qualified leads from his attorney website. With this newly generated cash flow, he asked us to upgrade his attorney website template to a custom attorney website design package.

Already Have a Website?

If you’ve been in business for a while you likely already have a website for your law firm. If that’s the case, ask yourself the following:

  1. Is it generating new business for my firm?
  2. Does my website contain compelling, educational content?
  3. Do I update my website with new content on a regular basis?
  4. Is my website optimized for search engines?
  5. Is my website being continuously optimized as new information becomes available?
  6. Am I tracking visitors through Google Analytics?

If you answered “no” to most of these questions, you’re probably not maximizing the use of your website as a lead generation tool and, in the process, you’re neglecting one of the best ways to get more clients as a lawyer.

The Bottom Line

One of the most effective, consistent ways to get clients as a lawyer is by creating a strong web presence for your law firm. Your attorney website should contain fresh and relevant content which is optimized for search engines to be displayed to prospects who are searching online. You won’t be disappointed with the return on your investment.

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