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4 Ways To Discover The Best Blog Topics For Attorneys

by | Sep 13, 2023 | Attorney Marketing, Internet Marketing, Web Design

It’s no secret that creating great BLOG articles is time consuming, but often creating great BLOG topics is just as time consuming. Not to mention, if you’ve been blogging for a while you may find yourself running out of ideas. Don’t worry though, because there are some practical, laser-focused ways to discover the best blog topics for attorneys.

Here’s How You Figure Out What To Blog About.

Focus On Your Prospects and Clients

1. Questions they ask – Pay close attention to the initial phone calls from prospects. While the questions they ask seem small, you can bet that others like them are online asking Google the same questions. Turn those questions into a well optimized BLOG article and get found by your prospects. Your BLOG will educate them digitally, which often results in an email or phone call to you.

2. Objections raised during meetings – It’s important to pay close attention to objections during meetings. Objections not only help shape your business, but they can become the basis for great BLOG topics. In addition, by including content on your website centered around objections, you address your prospects’ objections before they pick up the phone and call you.

3. Testimonials – Often times you can find out what your prospects and clients are thinking by simply asking them for a testimonial. Within their testimonial you’ll gain insight towards what they were looking for, their concerns and the outcome that made them happy. This information will provide you with more great BLOG topics, in addition to bolstering your credibility online.

4. Google – Google will offer suggestions based on previous searches on a topic. This provides a great way to discover what your prospects are thinking. For example, a quick search on: How much jail time can I get for a crime, delivers the following suggestions:

how long do you go to jail for murder

crimes you can go to jail for

will i get jail time for dui

how much time do you get for murder

how long does c murder have in prison

how long do you go to jail for attempted murder

These are real searches made by your prospects so take the time to blog about them and watch your website traffic increase over time.

Tip: To raise the odds of your content being displayed, share it on your social networks. Google is now factoring your social activities, especially content, into its search results. Besides, since creating great content is time consuming, strive to get the most mileage from your efforts.


Get inside the mind of your prospects and clients to discover meaningful and interesting topics that you can BLOG about. They will find your content and you’ll have the opportunity to educate them and build trust. To make it easy to keep up with all your ideas, we recommend keeping a living document of the top questions your prospects ask, then categorize them by your practice area. Over time you will accrue more than enough information to produce high quality content to attract prospects to your website

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