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5 Reasons Why You Can't Find Your Law Firm On Google

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You waited patiently for this day -- your law firm's new website is finally up and running. You're stoked! Or maybe your site has been around for a bit, and the buzz about SEO (search engine optimization) has you curious. So, you decide to Google yourself. You open Google.com on your browser, type in "best criminal defense attorney Charleston," and hit enter. Loading …

Wait. You're not on the first page. Ten results later,...

Checkpoints for a Comprehensive Attorney Website Tune-Up: Part 3

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Part Three: 3 Ways to Soup Up Your Site Google Style

OK. You've got outstanding content on your website. You've used proven SEO tactics to bring the search engines on board. Now it's time to soup up that website with all the extras in your Google toolbox.

1. Google Analytics

With Google Analytics you're privy to a wealth of insights into the ways people find your site and how they use...


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