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The Best Internet Marketing Tools and Ideas for 2012

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Are you ready to embrace the best Internet marketing tools and ideas  for 2012? Here is a list of the top 10 trends that will keep your company ahead of the curve.

  • Deals and Rewards. As the economy is still depressed, many people are frequently hunting for bargains. Capitalize on the fact that people have more 

The best business website designs are optimized to generate business.

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small business website designYou might be wondering what makes for really good business website design? The best business website designs focus on a specific target audience, contain compelling content, include strong calls to action and eliminate distracting graphics and images. This is not to say that the best business website designs  don’t look attractive, they do, but the emphasis is not on design, but rather content and other aspects designed to convert visitors into customers.

Affordable Small Business Website Design

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Affordable Small Business Website Design

Affordable small business website design  that grows with your business is one of the top concerns for many entrepreneurs. With website design prices ranging from 3k to 50k depending on your requirements, it's important for you to select an affordable small business website design solution that can be easily extended to support your ever changing needs.

Internet Marketing 101: Blogging for Business

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So you finally launched your new website, you even got a facebook page after all this time, and now you want to know why your website isn't generating business. The problem with most small businesses and their efforts to get found online is that they are searching around in this big abyss called the internet without really having the slightest idea about what is going on and how it works. By knowing a few key facts about how internet marketing works, you can get one step further in your marketing efforts and online footprint. In this installment of internet marketing 101, I will be teaching you how to use blogging in your online marketing.

Internet Marketing 101: Key Terms:Internet Marketing 101

Inbound Marketing: Refers to the concept of earning the prospects attention as opposed to outbound marketing which is supposed to interrupting or distracting (think direct mail, tv ads, etc) the prospect from what they were otherwise doing.

SEO: Stands for Search Engine Optimization and is based on the concept of optimizing your web content so as to rate it better and bring you to the top of search result.

Blog: is short for weblog. This is basically an online journal of sorts that can be updated regularly. There are many free online blog providers. Wordpress and Blogger are probably the two most popular.

Internet Marketing 101: Business Blogging:

  • >50% - The percentage of daily internet users who read blogs at least monthly!
  • Most people read 5-10 blogs!
  • Nearly 40% - of Companies use blogs for marketing!
  • 55% - The percentage increase in number of website visitors for companies that blog!
  • Mornings is the best time to blog!

Blogging is not only essential to Internet Marketing 101, but probably one of the easiest things you can do to increase website traffic to your website and set yourself apart from the competition. By creating a blog you give yourself an online platform to promote your expertise and set yourself up as a voice of authority on whatever it is your business does. You can post original content that you create as well as re-posting articles that your customers or clients might find interesting.

The main reason that blogging helps you increase website traffic is because of how the search engines catalog your online content. The days of cramming a bunch of keywords in to a meta tag to trick the search engine into rating you higher than you should be are well behind us. On most search engines, you are rated based on the quality of your content (videos and images are a huge plus). The frequency with which you update it is also an important criteria in their search algorithms. Enter the blog!

Internet Marketing 101: Choosing the best keywords for driving traffic.

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In our previous article Internet Marketing 101: Generating Leads from Your Website, we presented you with a general overview of all the internet marketing 101 tactics that consistently have the biggest impact on generating leads from your website.

Now it’s time to dig a little deeper and discuss keyword selection. But first, what is a keyword?

Internet Marketing 101: What is a Keyword?

Internet Marketing 101

Keywords are the words or phrases an online user types into a search engine. They represent the questions of the user, and generate one or more pages of results, or addresses for websites that include the keywords or answers to the initial question. You can attract qualified visitors to your site by carefully choosing the keywords they are most likely to include in their search terms. Qualified visitors are more likely to turn into new customers than random web surfers.

Driving traffic to your website begins with selecting the best keywords or keyword phrases. The question then becomes what are the best keywords and how do we find them.

Internet Marketing 101: What Are the Best Keywords for Driving Traffic to my Website?

Keywords fall into two categories: Short tail keywords and long tail keywords. Short tail keywords contain one to two words, and are usually very difficult to rank for on the search engine results, as the bigger and more established websites often hold the top spots for them. Newer websites can achieve a higher search engine spot more quickly by focusing on long tail keywords that contain three or more separate words.

The best keywords are:

  • Not too broad
  • Not too competitive
  • Three or more words long
  • Relevant to your business
  • Representative of what your qualified visitors would type into a search bar

Here’s an example of both long and short tail keywords:

Long Tail Keywords:

  • Nikon power shot digital camera 4MP
  • 22 inch HD plasma TV free shipping
  • Michelle Obama action figure

Short Tail Keywords

  • Digital Camera
  • plasma TV
  • Mp3 Music player

As you can see, long tail keywords are much more specific and are likely being searched for by a more qualified prospect. This prospect knows what they’re looking for and wants more information in order to make an informed buying decision.

Internet Marketing 101: Keyword Selection Tips

Use these tips to brainstorm possible long tail keywords for your website. Once you have a list, use Google Adwords Keyword Tool to check how many people search for these terms locally and globally. The tool can also give you ideas for more relevant long tail keywords to include on your blog posts and web copy.


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