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Website Redesign Company - Seven Questions to Ask Before Hiring One.

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You’ve decided that your company website needs a major re-design. But, before you decide to hire a website redesign company there are some important things you need to consider. After all, redesigning a website is a partnership that requires both you and the chosen website redesign company to meet specific objectives. This can help to ensure that the project will be successful., and you will benefit from the outcome.

The problem is that most businesses looking to hire a website redesign company don’t understand the language of web design and online marketing; therefore, they don’t know what questions to ask, while negotiating with potential web designers.

So, in your best interest, we thought we would share some of the most critical questions you should be asking your website redesign company.

1. Do you have a well-defined website design process?Free website redesign consultation

Apart from designing attractive websites, selecting a web design company that has a well defined process, is one of the most crucial components to ensuring your project is successful. Without a well defined website development process, the project quickly becomes chaotic, because neither you nor the website redesign company have a clear understanding of the execution of task, timing, and ownership.

Ask your website design company to show you their development process and explain in detail how it works. This will give the potential website designer the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise, and you the opportunity to discover how much thought they’ve put into their business.

2. Do you consider my target audience?

Some website design companies focus on design, some focus on marketing, but a good website design company focuses on both design and marketing. Before the design process begins, a content strategy session should be held to discuss your target audience. This involves uncovering your customers’ fears, desires, and how your product/service solves their problems.

Designing a website around your target audience’s needs rather than yours should be the starting point for any website design project. In addition, the content strategy session will uncover a lot of useful information that will become the basis for content used throughout the website. This can also include any industry keywords that can help drive more unique traffic to your website - thus more sales.

3. Do you offer website maintenance and support?

After you’ve launched your website it’s inevitable that you will require maintenance and support. Ask your website redesign company if they have a system for processing change requests or if they have a direct number to contact

Yeah, Content is King.. Blah Blah Blog

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You’ve heard the expression many times, in your quest to be a better Internet marketer for your business. Great content is considered to be the “King” of the jungle when it comes to marketing online. And blogging, for that matter, is now one of the best ways to get your content online and in front of a huge audience of potential customers. But you just can’t seem to find the time to learn how to blog or even what to write about in the first place.

full service internet marketingPerhaps you did make some half-baked attempt at blogging in the past? You proudly set up your freebie blog, wrote a mind-blowing inaugural blog post, but never went any further than that. While you had good intentions, your business blog never even made a blip on the radar. Why? Because you did not have the tools or the time to learn how to blog well enough to connect the dots for your prospects.

What is so special about mastering how to blog?

Blogging is not something to take lightly. For some businesses, it’s an incredible source of ongoing unique website traffic that can take any business from ho-hum to oh my gosh in a very short period of time. Managing a blog with interesting content can also generate incoming leads on a regular basis. 

Read the facts on why blogging is so powerful for even the small business.

  • A Hubspot survey revealed that 57% of companies with a blog have acquired a customer from their blog.
  • Another FactBrowser survey indicates that B2B marketers who use blogs generate 67% more leads per month than those who do not. 
  • 92% of companies who blog multiple times per day have acquired a customer from their blog according to Hubspot.
  • By 2013, it is projected that 128 million people in the US will be blog readers, a surprising fact from MyMarketingDept.

The positives of blogging for business and inbound marketing just go on and on. This is due to the way in which businesses communicate with their prospects today. Building relationships with customers is what online marketing is all about. It's the same reason why companies spend millions with branding campaigns - to build consumer loyalty. Social media and blogging accomplishes the same thing, only at a significantly lower cost.

So, ask yourself - why aren't you blogging for your business? To get help with online marketing download our essential internet marketing guide.

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Today we upgraded one of our client's site from DNN 4.9.x to 5.04.01 and encountered the following error:

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DotNetNuke: An entry with the same key already exists - Error

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If you receive the following error:

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Why Your Current B2B Website Design Sucks

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B2B website design has its challenges. In fact, all website design projects have their own unique challenges. However, when it comes to B2B website design, extra precaution must be taken if your goal is to drive traffic, generate leads, and increase sales. A poorly designed website can backfire.

With proper planning, attention to detail, a little patience and commitment, you can get a properly designed website that will serve your business well into the future. Let’s get started with what makes for an outstanding website design.

Your Logo

If you’re familiar with Will Ferrell's infamous Saturday Night Live “More Cowbell” skit, then you understand what I mean when I say “More Logo”. One of the biggest mistakes made in B2B website design is when the size of the logo is increased to the point that you have to scroll down to read the content. It’s as if the logo itself is for sale. Please don’t do this.

No one cares about your logo beyond the ability to identify that they’re on the right website. After visitors have determined that they’re on the right website, they’re only interested in their problems, how you can solve their problems, and how to get in touch with you.

B2B website design consultation

Distracting Animations

Although we don’t see distracting animations as much as we did in the past, occasionally we stumble upon a B2B website design that contains some silly animation running across the screen as if it’s being chased by Wile E Coyote. Before you add animations to your website, ask yourself, “is this going to help or hurt my cause?”. In most cases it hurts and BIG TIME!

Distracting Backgrounds

Have you ever seen a B2B website design and couldn’t focus on the content because the background made you dizzy? I sure have. Once again, stay away from busy, gaudy backgrounds. They are distracting and prevent website visitors from focusing on content -- and content is critical when you’re selling a product or service on your website.

Poor Navigation

KISS - this stands for “Keep It Simple Stupid”. If there’s one tip you should take away from this B2B website design article, it’s to keep the navigation of your website simple for visitors. Don’t try t


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